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Book Club Discussion Questions- For Love and Italian

* Questions contain spoilers, so don't preview the questions before finishing the book!

1. What do you think would’ve happened if Bridget and Owen were honest with the university about their relationship from the start? How would that have changed the story?

2. What is your opinion on ethics rules such as the one preventing such relationships between professors and students in the book?

3. Would you have broken this rule if you were in Bridget’s position? What about Owen’s?

4. When Bridget’s father learns of the relationship, he lectures Owen about how the brains of young adults aren’t fully developed yet and may make them impulsive. Do you agree with his statements or do you think he’s underestimating his daughter?

5. At the start of the book, Bridget is very focused on her appearance. Why do you think this is?

6. What did you like most about the book?

7. Did you travel abroad in college?

8. Some schools are cutting back on foreign language to make way for more STEAM classes. Do you agree with this?

9. Do you think Bridget’s relationship with her parents affected the way she approached the relationship with Owen or others?

10. How do you feel about the professor/student romance trope? What about the other forbidden fruit type of tropes? Employer/employee? Priest/parishioner?

11. Would you have liked this type of proposal?

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