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Bonus Scene from Sixty Days for Love

Sadly, if you aren't a newsletter subscriber, you can't access this exclusive bonus scene. However, I will share with all of you the info sent in my last email about my bonus scenes.

If you're anything like me, when you read a book you love, you often want more. These bonus scenes aren't officially a part of the book, but many (like this one) provide an extension of the story. I always wonder what my characters are up to once their stories end, and sometimes I write a short scene offering an extra glimpse into their lives after The End. 

Some of my bonus scenes are set immediately after the book and others take place years down the road. My hope is that each of these extensions provides my readers with an emotionally satisfying extended happily ever after for the book, but if not, no worries! These scenes aren't an official part of the book, so just forget you ever read them if you don't enjoy the ending.

Sometimes, my bonus scenes aren't actually after the end of the book... Often I will release to you, my loyal newsletter subscribers, one or more deleted scenes from the actual book. These are scenes or chapters which I wrote as a part of the book but which were ultimately cut at some stage of the editing, usually for length or pacing purposes. They don't alter the storyline but offer some additional time with the beloved characters. 

These scenes are copyrighted material, so please don't share in public without my permission. 

Psst it is easy to sign up right here on my website if you're interested in receiving the Sixty Days for Love bonus scene as well as all future bonus scenes sent to your inbox.

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